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Mosquito Diseases in WY


Zika virus transmission in WY

Similar to dengue and chickingunya, Zika virus is spread primarily through mosquito bites. Due to the complex mechanism of the virus spreading within a mosquito and considerable genetic variation between species of mosquitoes, not all mosquitoes are able to transmit all viruses. Luckily, due to geography, Wyoming does not currently support the two species of mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus), that effectively transmit dengue, chikingunya, and now, Zika viruses. This means that local mosquito-borne transmission of any of these three viruses is highly unlikely. This does not mean that Wyoming residents travelling to any of the areas with Zika outbreaks (see CDC’s website for the most up-to date list) cannot contract the disease and bring it home and potentially spread it through other (non-mosquito) routes (such as pregnancy, transfusion, or sexual contact) that researchers are still determining.  


West Nile virus in WY

Disease transmission by mosquitoes requires several components: the disease agent (West Nile Virus, for instance) a competent reservoir (American Robin) and a competent vector (Culex tarsalis). (More information to come.)

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WMMA community loses seminal member

Former UW professor, Dr. Jack Lloyd, passed away at his home in Oregon on March 25, 2017. He will be missed. More here.


2017 Spring UW/WMMA Mosquito Control Workshop

This year's training in Laramie is scheduled for May 16-17th. To sign up for this valuable free training, email Meta Dittmer with your name, email, phone, and employer. More info here.


EIMG grant application period now open

The deadline for the 2017 grant application process is April 7th. You may find the application here. (Fillable PDF version here.)


WMMA Constitution now on website

Thanks to the perseverence of WMMA president Bartlett, the WMMA Constitution is now available for your review on our About page.